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Kibble Swipe Mini Red - Single Blade Floor Wiper (16 inch)

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Swipe, a single blade floor wiper for excellent wiping result. Inclined design for uniform pressure for efficient cleaning. Ultra light weight single blade floor wiper with strong nylon rivet for heavy duty operation. Soft squeeze blades to adjust to all floor types. Can be used in both directions. Screw type fitting

  • Single blade eliminates places for bacteria to grow and is easy to sanitize
  • Excellent for use on smooth surfaces
  • Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegee is designed to remove water and moderate amounts of dirt on many different surfaces, making it an optimal tool for effectively cleaning off both wet and dry spills.
  • Screw type fitting makes it easy to attach wiper with handle
  • Uniform pressure for efficient cleaning
  • Comes in a set of a 16 inch long wiper base & a 110 cm Long SS Handle