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Kibble Prowipe Mini Red - Double Blade Floor Wiper (45 cm)

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Prowipe, a double blade floor wiper for excellent wiping result. Inclined design for uniform pressure for efficient cleaning. Superio Blade - super soft black rubber blade fulfilling multi-purpose operations on different floor types from high gloss granite/marble to tough concrete floors, leaves micro-fine finish. 

  • A double blade squeegee provides effective removal of both water and food debris from all types of flooring
  • Leaves no trace during wiper process
  • Comes with a long handle making sweeping easier
  • Excellent on all types of floors, as the soft rubber reaches into and cleans all spaces on the floor, such as grouting between tiles
  • Uniform pressure for efficient cleaning
  • Comes in a set of a 45 cm long wiper base & a 110 cm Long SS Handle