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Kibble - Ensuring Cleaning Envisions

Kibble Microfiber Scrub Pad Green

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Microfiber Scrub Pads for Multi-Surfaces and Multi-Purposes. Microfibers are highly absorbent and quick-drying, Removes dirt & dust with less or no chemical

  • Microfiber Scrub Pads for Multi-Surfaces and Multi-Purposes
  • Suitable For Cleaning Non-stick Cookware, Pans, Bowls, Dishes, Stainless Steel, Plastic Ware, Teflon, Windows, Microwaves, Pet Dishes, Car White Walls, Car Windows, Bird Baths/Fountains, Wood Moulding, China Dishes, Copper Cookware, Showers, Shower Doors, Sinks, Guns, Wood Panelling and Many More
  • Cleans Without Scratching, Quick Cleaning, Easy Rinsing, Long Lasting. Reusable and Machine Washable
  • Effective at grabbing and trapping dirt; dust and debris with extra scrubbing power
  • Size: 13 cm x 09 cm



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