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Kibble - Ensuring Cleaning Envisions

Kibble Microbb Microfiber Mini Yellow

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Microfiber Dusters are highly absorbent and quick-drying, absorbs seven to eight times its weight in water. Good cleaning ability makes cleaning jobs fast & easy. Non-abrasive and lint-free, widely applicable for places with the high-level requirements. Eco-friendly, reduce the usage of water, cleaning chemicals, and paper towels. Durable and easy to clean, can be used hundreds of times if cared for properly.

  • Ultra-soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloths
  • Cleans with or without chemical cleaners, leaves lint and streak-free results
  • Rinse and reuse 100's of times
  • Super absorbent, durable, and easy to clean
  • Size 30 cm by 30 cm



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