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Kibble - Ensuring Cleaning Envisions

Kibble Dustie Dry Mop Microfiber Set (60 cm)

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A professional flat dry mopping system, used by professional cleaning companies for several years and makes the best value for anyone looking for professional results with very little energy required to clean. A Dry Mopping system with Heavy duty frame with SS arms & microfiber mops is a great solution for dry mopping.

  • Heavy duty frame with ss arms, foldable arms for easy mop replacement
  • Easy fitting & changing of mops to frames by folding for an effortless cleaning process
  • Pocket style mop for easy change & replacement
  • A soft microfiber mop to effectively sweep all dirt
  • Can be used for dry mopping/sweeping 
  • A set comprises of 3 pcs. 60 cm Dustie Frame + 60 cm Microfiber Mop + 110 cm Long SS Handle
  • Separate refills available



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