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Kibble - Ensuring Cleaning Envisions

Kibble Velcro Mop Quick Clean Set (40cm)

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A professional quality floor cleaning system, used by professional cleaning companies for several years and makes the best value for anyone looking for professional results with very little energy required to clean. High-quality Velcro below the frame makes attachment and switching between mop refills very easy and extremely durable.

The set includes a velcro frame trapezoidal in shape made with aluminium which allows it to clean hard to reach areas. Easy fitting and changing of mops to frames by light touch for an effortless cleaning process; a microfiber mop pad for dual-use, i.e. wet as well as dry to cover all your cleaning needs; a 110 cm long strong SS handle making its use sturdy and long-lasting. Microfiber refill consists of a looped-pile microfiber yarn with a tiny twist that helps the refill slide easily across any floor type with maximum pick up and retention of dirt germs and bacteria. No or very few cleaning chemicals required to get a deep cleaning with microfiber products.

  • Microfiber dry mops for thoroughly cleaning bare-floor surfaces Can be used for wet or dry cleaning jobs. Microfiber cloth naturally attracts and locks in dust and dirt. Durable mop designed for repeat use, Machine washable
  • Connects to velcro frame with velcro strips for easy on/off, Lightweight, compact, and easy to store between uses
  • Swiveling 360-degree head allows you to pivot into corners and mop around bulky furniture with ease
  • Separate refills available.
  • A set comprises of 3 pcs. 40 CM Velcro Frame in Aluminium + 40 CM Quick Clean Microfiber Mop + 110 cm Long SS Handle



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