Dustpans and Brooms

What is Kibble Lobby Dustpan and Broom ?

Why Brooming is an essential part of our daily cleaning ?

Dustpans and Brooms

Brooming is important and to make it swift and effortless Kibble brings Lobby Dustpans and Brooms. They make it easy for us to sweep because we don’t have to bend while collecting dust. We can quickly and effectively clean up the mess without disturbing anyone sitting as a broom and dustpan with long handles give you the reach and flexibility to clean the challenging part of your room.

How Kibble Broom and Dustpan are Unique?

Broom and dustpan go together in cleaning. They are the most used cleaning tools in every household. Broom is used for sweeping dirt on floors and dustpan is used for scooping the dirt and wastes on the floor. Though there are other tools used in cleaning, most people still prefer to use broom and dustpan.

Apart from household cleaningLobby Dustpans and Brooms are also used in various industries, including banquets, salons, restaurants, malls, etc where brooming is an all-day continuous proce

Lobby Dustpan and Broom

How Kibble manufactures these Dustpans and Brooms with various features making them ergonomic and useful?

  • What to know more, read on the find out everything you need to know about the lobby dustpan and broom and how it can help you keep your facility clean at all times.

A lightweight dustpan and broom set make it easy to carry while using it all day long. It is tiresome to use a product the complete day but its lightweight makes it easy for the janitor to eliminate fatigue. It is robust and sturdy making it a durable product justifying its price.

What makes the pan easy to carry?

The dustpan comes with an upright pan positioning lock. This makes the pan easy to carry as it doesn’t open on its own making it easy for the janitor to hide the garbage while carrying. The dustpan also offers an anti-collapse design making the dustpan ergonomic and sturdy to avoid breakage. The swivel handles allow the dustpan to easily open and close so debris can be collected and stored in the dustpan. The hinge lock holds the dustpan open during sweeping.

What is an unique and special feature in Kibble Lobby Dustpan and Broom?

A unique and special feature is that the lobby dustpan is equipped with wheels which makes it very easy to carry even when the dustpan is filled with dust and garbage. A soft strip is attached to the dustpan. This feature makes the Dustpan unique as it helps to collect not only bigger garbage but also finer dust making the cleaning job easy. It is made with a special material to offer a matte finish that conceals the age of the product after usage.

Storage has become a big challenge in today’s world due to the increased demand for liveable space. Its compact structure makes it easy to store taking up less space. All the more, its handles have holes to hang it up in storerooms.

The brooms and dustpan come with a high-quality clamp attached to the handles to attach the broom to the dustpan to make it more convenient for the janitor to use. The bristles of the broom are made with high-grade PET for an efficient cleaning process. The complete product is easy to assemble for usage and reassemble for maintenance. 

Kibble offers high-quality aluminum handles, as well as stainless steel, handles whichever is preferred by the consumer.

Manufactured without any hand edges and angles, the product is engineered with a specially qualified team to meet the daily cleaning standards meeting hygiene standards at all times. Come get your hands on this Lobby Dustpan and Broom today!

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